Remote Assistance and Computer Repair

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Published: 06th June 2008
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Later versions of Windows have a feature called Remote Assistance. The tool is mostly used in computer repair and computer support. Using this feature, a computer user with a problem can permit another person to connect to his or her computer via the Internet or - if the computer is part of a network - from one workstation on the network to another. The computer support technician can observe your computer screen from their console and use their mouse and keyboard to control your computer.


While Remote Assistance is a Windows feature, the phrase is also one of the many generic terms for this kind of computer support. The benefits are many and various. Online assistance of this kind can be set up on your computer and used by computer support technicians to help you through complicated problems that you can't perform yourself. Telephone computer support and computer repair services may struggle if they were to explain the intricacies of certain tasks to you over the phone. If the computer support technician can access and manipulate your computer remotely, he or she can do the job for you.

The convenience of this computer support cannot be underestimated. It's very handy for permissions to be granted to computer support techs or system administrators so that they can access your computer remotely. The worst case scenario alternative is that you have to unplug all the power outlets and various devices connected to the computer and haul the CPU down to the IT department, or worse, take it to the computer repair shop. Computer repairs of this kind can take up your time and the costs can be high, while remote assistance can take a few minutes and you don't have to leave your seat.

The functionality can be used by the computer support service in your local area or region who may or may not charge for the service. But it can also be used by your friends or acquaintances who know their way around technology.

A remote assistance session can start up again after a re-boot if needed. Remote computer repair services usually offer free diagnosis and if the problem isn't resolved you won't be charged. But make sure to check the fine print in the terms and conditions of the repair contract if they give you one. Typical computer repairs available with providers of online computer support services are the removal of spyware and viruses, registry repair, computer optimization, and solutions for device driver issues.


Various disadvantages for this computer support are obvious.

Although you have to offer permission or invite someone to remotely access your computer, a security breach could occur. If you're giving remote assistance customer support permission to resolve problems on your computer, clever hackers can exploit the technology to compound problems. When inviting a computer repair expert to access your desktop remotely, there are features to enable password protection so that he or she can only log on with the password you have assigned.

If you're fearful of a security breach, the Remote Assistance functionality on Windows operating systems can be disabled through the Control Panel.

Remote assistance cannot complete all computer repairs. Remember that computer hardware that has suffered physical damage probably won't be fixed by the computer support service that has accessed your PC - no matter how good that computer support service is.

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